Uh oh! Magazine problem!

It’s too close to the deadline of my project that the practical version of my magazine has an issue! I recieved my printed version of my magazine on Sunday and today I noticed¬†today I made a small – but VITAL mistake! The content page’s page numbers are wrong! Due to me adding an image over 4-5 and stupidly not thinking to change the page numbers.

Unfortunately my submission is on Monday so it’s too late to change and print in time. I will be submitting my magazine online too though, and have corrected the issue. I shall be reprinting a newer version with the correct page numbers for the exhibition! I have also noticed that I have left some sentences unfinished.


Recent changes!

As I am going to be printing my magazine through Blurb, they have stated that they are going to be changing how they print their magazines, which means that now they have to all be multiplied by four. My magazine page number including the front/back cover went to 22. This means I’d have two blank pages – therefore I have chosen to remove two pages from inside, luckily this doesn’t affect me too much, just had to have a few layout adjustments and image changes.

I am currently a week behind schedule because my macbook I have been using to do my work has come to the end of its life. I shall be investing in a new iMac this week so I hope to still be able to complete this by the 18th April, which is the date I have set to have this done by so I can order and receive my magazine in plenty of time. Only bad thing about this, is that I won’t have a chance to reprint before the final deadline.


I have finally updated my blog website to fit with my branding, which you can find on http://katieamarsh.co.uk – I have also created a portfolio subdomain where I will be placing all pieces of work. So far I have selected previous pieces of work that I have placed on there. You can find this on http://portfolio.katieamarsh.co.uk .

As you may be able to see I have incorporated the same colours as my branding, including the logo. You may be able to tell that there are darker/lighter shades within the design and these are just darker/lighter versions of the colours in my brand. Blue and green – as well as black – are the most prominent colours just like the rest of my branding.

I may over time change small details (mainly the bottom sidebar).

Article contents.

– Public park in Hasidic village where mothers/daughters, girls, boys, fathers/sons have separate playgrounds & facilities
– Hasidic bus service enforcing women to sit at the back (stopped in 2011 but found to have continued its service in 2013)

– Jews – Hasidic
– Catholics
– Others
– Unstated
– Protestant

– separate entrances/exits in building
– neighbourhoods
– rich/low income
– similar race tend to live near each other

– Segregated schools
– Segregated neighbourhoods – residents tend to have continued to live near each other depending on race